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Hanukkah is a beautiful Jewish holiday founded to celebrate the victory over the Greco-Syrian invaders and the return of independence to Judea. Because of this victory, the ancient Jews cleansed the Temple and re-lit the menorah, which incredibly continued to burn for 8 days from oil that should have lasted only a day. In honor of this miracle and also in honor of gaining freedom, the Jews began to celebrate a holiday such as Hanukkah and celebrated it by lighting candles, having fun, remembering the past, and giving gifts. Even today, Hanukkah Gifts have become an important tradition and an integral part of such a holiday in most Jewish families.

Traditional Hanukkah Gifts

Often Jewish people give Hanukkah flowers as such gifts, which are more of a presence on such a day than the main gifts - toys, money, or treats. But flowers play an important role in all of this, which is why the question often arises among customers, "What Hanukkah flowers to give?"

And there's no one-size-fits-all answer here because the most important thing is for the flowers to smell good. It is known that Jews from ancient times appreciate flowering plants not for their graceful beauty, as aromatic properties are more valuable for them. However, the bouquet should not only smell good but also be beautiful. All the same, a pleasant, subtle fragrance should exude an impeccably beautiful bouquet.

Hanukkah Flower Arrangements

As Hanukkah Gifts, you can present a composition of:

  • Lilies, charming and graceful;
  • Delphiniums, charming with their beauty;
  • Blue irises, immaculate and very beautiful.

Roses are also a good option, but most of their varieties practically do not smell. So if you want to present exquisite Hanukkah bouquets of roses, you need exactly those that will exude even a faint, but delicate, pleasant aroma. And such options in our store are bouquets "White elegance", which can surprise and delight any recipient.

If we are guided by the aromatic component of a floral gift, in principle, you can buy any Hanukkah floral arrangement from our category of gifts for Hanukkah, and choose the appropriate decorations for them together with the florist. Remember that the favorite colors of the Jews are white and blue. Therefore, if you buy in our bouquet of snow-white flowers of creamy or gently blue hues, you can present a living gift, perfectly appropriate for the Jewish holiday. The person who receives such Hanukkah bouquets as a gift necessarily will appreciate your natural desire to please on a holiday, important for him.

In addition, if you want to please the potential recipient of the bouquet, even more, you can always buy and send our unique Hanukkah gift baskets with fruit. This would be a wonderful alternative to presenting a treat and presenting a bouquet of flowers at the same time - such a gift would be beautiful, delicious and of course shock anyone with its incredible aroma.

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